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drinking my tea from a thimble while a framed picture of a cheese wedge hangs on my wall

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where's the post credits scene with thanos?

imagine acting in a movie and then your credited role is "norwegian"

i remember there were like comic books that continued on from this ending and kept telling the story and went on and on from it never wanting to end. didn't read them, only heard about them and saw some pages

i like the length of this movie, it knows to be ending as it runs out of things to offer

if this were a modern movie this scene would be louder than 50 airplanes taking off

americans setting up a research station: so what do we need? guns? more guns? flamethrowers? ...uhh chess computers?

joke's on you, the computers weren't working already because of the drinks poured into them

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Anytime Blair isn't on screen, the others should be saying "where's Blair?" #mastoween

this is what happens when you don't eject the imposter, then you're on earth and you have no space to eject them to

oh shit there's goats in thi-- no I wanted to see the goats :(

I have a theory on why the computer equipment on that station doesn't work

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Okay, it's #mastoween time!

here's the link:

hit play right on the hour to hopefully stay in sync with everyone!

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